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Project Management

Partner with Digalog, and Proceed with Confidence

A common definition of “project” is “… a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end, conducted within certain constraints, intended to produce a unique product, service or other deliverable.” The creation of test systems and programs fits well with this definition, which is why Digalog has invested so much effort to establish and continually expand our competency in the field of Project Management.

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Project Management – The what and the why

Project Management is the art and science of achieving a project’s goals within the constraints of time, budget, human and material resources. It’s easy to say, but not necessarily easy to achieve. At Digalog, we’ve created and are continually refining a project management methodology focused on the unique and complex nature of test and measurement engineering. It maximizes our ability to deliver systems and software that fully meet the specifications on which you and we have mutually agreed.

Digalog’s commitment to a disciplined project management methodology is your assurance that any surprises will be pleasant ones, and that you’ll always have a clear understanding of where we are in the course of your project.

How we make it work

A PricewaterhouseCoopers global survey on the state of project management (2012) identified the operation of an established Project Management Office (PMO) as one of the top three factors that drive successful project delivery. Digalog’s PMO is directed by two experienced test engineers, one certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the globally-recognized Project Management Institute and the other holding a Master’s degree in Project Management (MSPM).

Through our PMO, your Digalog test engineering team is familiarized with and guided by best practices in Project Management. Your project proceeds from kickoff to delivery under a known and consistent approach that leads to success.

The benefits for you

Our project management methodology revolves around a thoroughly documented set of procedures, instructions and practices which define the framework for every project. At the heart of this methodology is communication.

The typical project is a moving target, with requirements and resources that may expand or contract as new information comes to light. Your Digalog team will become very familiar voices through regular teleconferences, email, and face-to-face consultation. You’ll feel secure in knowing throughout the course of your project where it stands at any point. And at project conclusion, you’ll get all the software and documentation like bills of material, schematics and assembly prints.

Don’t just hope that your next test project comes out the way you want. Partner with Digalog, and proceed with confidence.

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