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Test Automation

Save Resources! Have Digalog Automate Your Testing

In the broadest sense, Test Automation’s job is straightforward – to minimize your per-unit cost of test in the production environment. Complex considerations such as test type, coverage, volume, throughput and cost demand a careful and informed analysis from
the start.

Two of the biggest contributors to reducing your per-unit cost are maximizing the speed of test, and reducing the human intervention needed; in other words, optimizing the efficiency and productivity of your test operators. Behind the scenes lies a variety of considerations, each contributing its own piece to the optimal solution.

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Test Automation doesn’t happen automatically

Digalog serves a wide spectrum of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, heavy transport, and contract manufacturing. Over four decades of test automation, we’ve developed and continuously refine a comprehensive expertise that we’re ready to put to work for you today.

Our thorough knowledge of the latest COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) data acquisition components, programming and database environments, machine control methodologies and network infrastructures gives us the resources to define and assemble the optimal combination of technologies for your test automation application.

How we do it

Digalog’s comprehensive project management methodology underlies our approach to test automation. By making constant communication the centerpiece of the process, we ensure that the test automation system we create for you is a collaborative outcome that fully addresses your needs.

By partnering with the test industry’s leading suppliers like National Instruments and Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent), we ensure that our project engineers have access to state-of-the-art hardware and software resources when they’re designing a system aimed at meeting your unique requirements.

How you benefit

The more reliable, efficient and predictable your test process, the greater your savings. Your product gets to market faster and more reliably because a well-implemented automated test strategy contributes significant cost savings related to shorter lead times, decreased warranty issues and more efficient utilization of labor.

Proven test automation software and hardware components can be effectively re-used in other product test applications, saving you money by promoting consistency and simplifying maintenance.

Customers worldwide count on Digalog automated test solutions for consistent and reliable throughput. Join them! Partner with Digalog for your next automated test project and proceed with confidence.

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