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Test Engineering

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Test Engineering can be defined as “the practical application of the sciences to prove the quality of a device under test (DUT).” Less formally, it’s the focused and efficient use of appropriate technology to confirm that your product does what you designed
it to do.

Start at the beginning

Digalog’s philosophy of Test Engineering revolves around two crucial concepts — the Test Specification and the Process Specification. Taking product design documentation, FMEA results, lifecycle requirements and other product specifics into account, the Test Specification stage decides what needs to be tested.

Process Specification’s job is to decide how to realize the test specifications in hardware and software. Hardware is the physical instrumentation that supplies power and signals on the DUT’s input side and measures DUT responses at the output. While hardware can often be purchased off-the-shelf, the software that controls the test sequence and reports the results will be created specifically for the application. And that’s where Digalog’s approach really shows its value.

The Digalog method

Digalog’s four decades of test engineering innovation give us the depth and perspective to envision a solution that contributes value over your product’s entire lifecycle. At the same time, our comprehensive project management methodology defines a framework and a disciplined set of practices aimed at producing the optimum test solution for a given DUT.

A successful outcome for any test engineering project requires a clear and shared understanding among all stakeholders. Goals and the optimum solution for realizing them usually evolve over the project’s lifecycle. That’s why you’ll find that constant communication between you and your Digalog test engineering team plays such a pivotal role. No guessing —you’ll know the project’s status from start to finish.

The benefits for you

Whether you’re validating a new design or testing in full production, catching faults as soon as possible saves you money. The close and continuous collaboration between your engineers and ours results in a Digalog test solution that performs as a reliable, repeatable, supportable and cost–effective asset throughout your product’s lifecycle.

As part of the package, you’ll get all the project documentation like bills of materials, schematics, assembly drawings and source code. You’ll have what you need to effectively address and manage the inevitable test requirement changes driven by your product’s evolution over time. And if you need a hand with that, we’ll be here.

See for yourself what real test engineering expertise can deliver. For your next test project, partner with Digalog and proceed
with confidence.

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