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Test System & Component Design

Save Money with a Custom Design Solution

Whether your product is a unique solution for one customer or a standard offering, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a complete off-the-shelf test system that delivers the perfect combination of capability and cost to meet your exact requirements. Even a custom system, if built only from COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) components, may fall short. That’s where Digalog comes in.

Digalog Designer

Where we’re coming from

Digalog began in the early 1970’s, when test systems consisted of racks full of discrete instruments tied together with a nest of cables. We were among the first in the industry to conceive and execute a bold new concept – the fully integrated general-purpose automatic test system with signal, measurement and switching resources on plug-in cards for ease of configuration and maintenance. Coupled with a rugged and reliable mass-termination interface, multiple generations of these systems helped our customers re-define test productivity for three decades.

As the new century got underway, the variety and the capabilities of off-the-shelf test components expanded dramatically. Along with tightened test budgets, these developments led us to focus on working more closely with individual customers to define and integrate precisely targeted custom solutions. But we haven’t forgotten our roots.

How we do it now

As a test equipment manufacturer and COTS integrator certified to ISO9001:2008, we know that off-the-shelf instrumentation can handle a broad spectrum of functions. But a targeted test solution often involves requirements that simply can’t be handled off-the-shelf. Unique features of your product itself may call for equally unique solutions to the challenges of interfacing, switching, and fitting the needed capabilities into the test system’s desired form factor. On the software side, the highly-capable programming and test sequencing environments available off-the-shelf still need to be tailored to your exact needs.

In the course of four decades of producing both general-purpose ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) and application-specific test systems, Digalog has developed a broad and deep design expertise backed by the in-house capability to fabricate complex custom components. From simple printed circuit assemblies to major sub-systems that tie everything together, our engineers have the resources to create the optimum solution for your specific test application.

The benefits to you

Working closely and continuously with your own engineering team, Digalog will design and build the test system or test tools that exactly fit your needs and budget. If it can be done completely with COTS components, that’s what we’ll do. If not or if we determine that a custom solution would actually be the more cost-effective, we’ll put our four decades of experience to work and create exactly what you need.

For your next test project, why not have it your way? Partner with Digalog and proceed with confidence!

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