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Test System Integration & Assembly

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A test system is much more than just the sum of its components. Each component, be it a simple cable or a sophisticated instrumentation subsystem, has to be carefully specified and just as carefully integrated within the overall system in order to realize its full intended functionality.

Digalog Designer

Where we’ve been

Soon after our inception in 1973, Digalog began the development process whose product would be one of the first lines of proprietary, fully-integrated ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) in the industry.

Starting with the original Series 2000, the family evolved through the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and into the new millennium with the 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040 and 2050 Test Systems. Each generation leveraged the cutting-edge technologies of its day to bring ever-higher levels of speed, reliability and versatility to the production test floor while maintaining a high degree of compatibility with its predecessors.

As the platform reached maturity, our focus shifted from manufacturing general-purpose test systems to working directly and individually with our customers to specify, design and build product-specific systems including fixturing and software.

Where we are today

Digalog remains one of the leading innovators in the Test and Automation field. Conceiving, designing, developing and building multiple generations of test systems from the ground up has taught us that there aren’t any “small” details. The various components of a system, be it COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) or custom, need to be interfaced, integrated and assembled into a coherent whole, first conceptually and then physically.

Complex considerations including cabling, power distribution and conditioning, communications and proper grounding techniques for minimal noise demand a broad system-level proficiency that only experience can impart. Name any issue that can arise during the creation of a test system, and the chances are excellent that we’ve faced and solved it before.

The benefits to you

Through four decades of innovation, Digalog has acquired and methodized the knowledge and expertise to handle every detail of your test project. From initial concept to component specification to system assembly to final proof of performance, we work in continuous collaboration with you to ensure that what we ship is what you’re expecting.

For your next test system, see what four decades of innovation and imagination can deliver. Partner with Digalog and proceed
with confidence!

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