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Test System Support

It used to be that support mainly meant: “When it breaks, fix it… quick!” And while that’s still important, today’s test systems are a lot more reliable than the ones of even a few years ago. These days, support takes a broader view that focuses on preserving the long-term return on your test investment through methods like hardware and software updates, improved calibration and self-diagnostic capabilities, and enhanced test processes.

Digalog Designer

Where we’ve been

For more than 40 years, Digalog has been a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and world-wide support of both general-purpose and application-specific ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) systems. Our founder was a senior test engineer in the automotive electronics sector and knew first-hand the impact that test equipment downtime could have on production throughput. That’s why from the very start, Digalog’s proprietary integrated ATE systems featured extensive self-test, calibration and diagnostic capabilities. Many of these systems designed and built as far back as the 1980’s are still in daily service for legacy test applications.

As computer operating systems, programming environments and test sequencing frameworks have evolved, we’ve made sure that these advancements were both incorporated into new systems and made available for retrofit to existing ones. Comprehensive training for test engineers and maintenance technicians has reinforced and enhanced their ability to keep their Digalog test systems reliable and productive.

Where we are

Compared to decades past, modern test system components are both more robust and more complex, making diagnosis of the rare failures that do occur a correspondingly greater challenge. While final configuration is always the customer’s decision, the application-specific test systems that Digalog designs always include the appropriate self-test and diagnostic capabilities.

As usual, change is the only constant. Sometimes it results from changes in the customer’s own requirements like new and modified product introductions, or refinements in test coverage and speed. Other times, change imposes itself in the form of 3rd-party software or hardware components that go obsolete or are simply dropped from their own vendors’ support. Whatever the reason, Digalog stands ready to work with you as closely as we did in the design phase to ensure that change remains just a temporary detour, not a dead end.

The benefits to you

Digalog’s test system support expertise can free you from the worry that your test process might become the bottleneck between production and shipping. Even if your existing test infrastructure didn’t come from us, we’ll work with you to evaluate it and develop a support plan that fits your needs and budget.

Of course if your test system does say “Digalog,” rest assured that the same in-depth test expertise and commitment to your success that created your system will be there to support it for as long as you need.

So take test system support off your worry list. Partner with Digalog and proceed with confidence!

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