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Test Software Development

Software Development Evolves from Kickoff to Successful Conclusion

As with so many things in life, the part you can see and touch depends on the part you can’t. Even the finest test and measurement instrumentation is little more than a rack full of expensive paperweights without robust, well–documented and professionally–designed software behind it.

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Test software can be broadly divided into two categories — instrument drivers, and system level. For the commercial off-the-shelve instruments that commonly go into a test system, drivers usually come from the manufacturer and are like the front-panel knobs and buttons of a conventional instrument — they work the same no matter what you’re testing. It’s the system level software that focuses on your specific application.
And that’s where we come in.

Why we’re good at it

Software development environments have changed dramatically over Digalog’s 40+ years of test engineering. From lines of verbal code in a text editor, software creation has evolved to sophisticated graphical representations where a single icon may be the functional equivalent to many lines of code. Exemplified by National Instruments LabVIEW®, graphical programming has grown to become the preferred development paradigm for a wide range of test applications.

As a National Instruments Alliance Partner, Digalog employs test engineers certified to NI’s rigorous standards for LabVIEW software development competency. NI’s globally–recognized software development certification program is your assurance that Digalog’s engineers are trained and experienced in creating efficient, maintainable software based on proven best practices.

But we’re not a one-trick pony. Our software development expertise encompasses National Instruments TestStand®, VeriStand® and LabWindows CVI®, along with industry-standard development languages like C++, C# and Visual Basic. Whatever the language and environment, we’ll craft your project with efficient, maintainable code that maximizes your test system’s productivity.

What it means to you

Software development really begins before the first line of code is written or the first icon placed. It starts at the project conception stage, when we sit down with you and together determine what unique synthesis of hardware and software your test
requirements demand.

Software development is a part of our project management–based philosophy of test engineering. Like the rest of your project, software development evolves from kickoff to successful conclusion within a defined framework of thoroughly-documented procedures and practices. As project needs evolve and new information comes to light, constant communication is the core element that keeps our software development efforts focused and in–sync with your requirements.

Today more than ever, it’s the software that determines whether your test system is a star performer or an also-ran. For your next test project, partner with Digalog and proceed with confidence.

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